Megacerops, 2020
Jesmonite cast sculpture edition of 5
Obsidian Black
(plinth not included)

A Megacerops is a prehistoric mammal that lived about 38-33.9 million years ago. Although we might visually associate it to a rhino, it is more closely related to a horse.

Prehistoric beasts such as the Megacerops have always fascinated me. Having grown up firmly in the 90s zeitgeist, my formative years were saturated with mythical monsters, natural history and zoology. Visual media that dominated my childhood included Jurassic Park, Godzilla, Steve Irwin and Pokemon, I can see how all of these things permeate my work still. On reflection I feel children of the current generation are losing this interest in both the natural world's creatures and imagined monsters.

I hand-sculpted the original in clay then utilised mould-making techniques to replicate the sculpture.

Megacerops (Obsidian Black)

  • 16 x 16 x 30cm


  • Jesmonite