Greyhound at Whitstable

Oil on canvas

118 x 78 x 3cm


This painting was made from a photograph I took whilst in Whitstable. I inconspicuously photographed a greyhound that belonged to a passerby as I had been wanting to paint one for a while, I happened to be struct by the scene that was serendipitously unfolding before me, the light and shadow, the texture

of the dog’s fur.


The painting also takes direct inspiration from the Whitstable landscape, how the long stretch of beach is jarringly divided by the groynes, the crash of the waves, the sky meeting the sea, the ochre land. The subject matter is deconstructed, rearranged and reassembled; the painting isn’t realist, surrealist or

entirely representational, it falls somewhere between artistic movements and begins to encompass some of the variety of aesthetic styles that inform my work.

Greyhound at Whitstable

  • 118 x 78 x 3cm

  • Oil on canvas