Frogs and Sushi

Oil on canvas

94cm x 68.5cm x 7cm


'Frogs and Sushi' is directly inspired by traditional Japanese ink paintings and wood cuts of frogs in playful scenarios. These works often utilise negative space within their compositions, which is reflected in this piece. A similar use of this dramatic negative space was also used by Surrealist masters, such as Yves Tanguy and Salvador Dali. The painting depicts poison dart frogs, a reference to the artist's childhood, whose father used to collect

 and breed them. Imagery of man-made objects, materials and food, which can be found in the artist's studio, are also present.

The lower portion of the frame has been painted with matt enamel paint which follows the horizon line within the image, giving a feeling of looking through a window or into a vitrine; there is a physical sense of being brought into the scene through its expansion over the frame.

Frogs and Sushi

  • 94cm x 68.5cm x 7cm

  • Oil on canvas

    Wooden frame 

    Enamel painted frame section