Different light 
Oil on canvas 
100 x 100 
Wooden tray frame



I’ve always liked the paint marks left on my table when working on paintings, there is a sense of freedom that comes with the unconscious mark making and frequently reminds me of a Cy Twombly or Jackson Pollock painting. There’s often thin black wavey lines juxtaposed with almost aggressive scratches with oil paint sticks, both used as a ‘practice’ before applying to another painting. I decided to stretch canvas around my desk to preserve these accidental abstract compositions, trying to ignore the fact it’s there and treat it with the same carefree and messy regard. After a month I removed the canvas and stretched it, where the canvas met the edge of the desk it instantly reminded me of child-like markings on a wall

Different Light

  • 100 x 100cm

  • Oil paint on canvas

    Wood float frame