Ceramic on Canvas

Oil on canvas

78 x 118 x 3cm


This painting focuses mostly on my recent explorations in ceramic. Exploring the time I took out from the act of painting to develop my new sculptural work, it was the first canvas I produced after moving back into working with paint again. I decided to depict some of my favourite ceramic pieces, almost ritualistically, to bring the 3D explorations back into the painted surface. It ended up being a bridge back into painting from ceramics. 


This work has been overlaid on top of an existing image, the original piece on this canvas was left forgotten for years, a half-formed idea based on an Yves Klein-style body print transfer. Outlines from the previous work have influenced the final composition and are still visible, like a ghost. Originally, I found solace in my sculptural work when I was lacking ideas for paintings, now each is inspiring the other, just as old works inspire and inform new ones.

Ceramic on Canvas

  • 78 x 118 x 3cm

  • Oil on canvas